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Analytics for Social Media

Social media analytics technology that helps you achieve a holistic view of consumers, your market and competitors—all from millions of online sources.

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What it can do for your business

Manage My Dream Analytics for Social Media guides you through the traffic of social networks and automatically creates data visualizations for exceptionally insightful discoveries, all on the cloud. Identify a topic and quickly get relevant content that shows you interesting relationships and patterns. You can easily take the pulse of your audience, gain greater visibility into a topic or market and compare results with other data sources for new insights derived from different views of information.

Understand social behavior

Use visualizations of social data to measure consumer sentiment and evaluate trends, gauge the reactions to a product or event, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and more.

Get more accurate insights

Extract multiple snippets of conversation from a single social post for a true picture of social sentiment.

Enrich your discoveries

Compare social media analytics results with other data sources for new insights derived from different views of information.

Key features

  • Topics and suggestions

  • Themes and metrics

  • One-click analysis

  • Automatic deliverable

  • Interact with social analytics

  • Understand sentiment in detail

  • Follow suggestions to insights

  • Expand analytics horizons

Social - Feature Spotlights

Feature Spotlights

Topics and suggestions

Provide a topic and get an automatic list of related terms and their context to strengthen your research and improve your analysis.

Themes and metrics

Define criteria and break down topics into distinct metrics that you can use for better analysis.

One-click analysis

Get preconfigured visualizations with the click of a button so you can understand the nuance of social media conversations automatically.

Interact with social analytics

Find insights about your audience without advanced training or technical knowledge of analytics. Ask questions in your own words and get answers you can understand.

Expand analytics horizons

View your social media findings in the context of other data. For example, you can compare customer sentiment following the launch of a new product or service with actual sales.

Automatic deliverables

Avoid the guesswork associated with social media analytics with immediate insightful dashboards that show themes, topics, sources, geography, active authors and more.

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