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  • Operations & Control

  • Reliability & Cost Saving Technology,

  • Savings in Logistics 


Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of transport operators and freight forwarding companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge. In order to handle the multifarious jobs of a logistician, the solution needs to flexible and competent for every operations in the workflow


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  • Web Application

  • Powerful Search

  • Automated Trip Loading

  • Consignment Re-routing


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  • Centralised Administration

  • Local Data Backup

  • Local Data Restoration

  • Invoice Rate Settings 


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  • Remote Data Backup

  • Online Data Restoration

  • Auto Bug Reporting

  • Application Updates


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  • Extended web portal

  • Online Customer Support

  • Online Booking Enabled

  • Consignment Tracking

For Logistics Companies

Software for your efficient transport management: covering everything from order entry,  and planning – also with automated tour planning – to freight invoicing, fleet management and BI systems for evaluating your data. Our logistics software is used by companies of all sizes – from small businesses to international groups.

For Shippers

Convincing solutions for your logistics processes: tour planning, crediting procedures or electronic freight assignment, as well as the integration of your partners on our logistics platform with intuitive time slot management.


On-line Admin

The online admin module controls branch creation and editing, application user creation and their permission management etc. Online Admin module is a part of Central admin module with same capabilities and goals. This module works online; needs internet connectivity. The purpose of this module is, some of the administrative part can not be placed on an offline application due to Technology Cross-validation rules.

Central Admin Module

Central Admin module is the administrative module to be operated by the Contral panel. Here various options are provided to control the Application Module. This is again an online application where Head Office can generate various reports, view or edit branch filled in forms etc. The charge settings applied can only be modified from this version.

The changes made through the central admin module will get reflected in users only after two synchronization process, ie. The synchronization from the Central Admin Module and the synchronization request from the Sub User module. The features of this module are as follows…


Application module provides the solutions for the branch and user access and corporate installation. The ease of operations assuring higher speed on lower configured computers is the major goals of this module. This is the most widely used part in ProPackToday since the branch applications uses this module. . See also:

Application Sync Module

This part connects and synchronises the branch applications with the central server and database whenever is initiated. The synchronisation being the core of the solution, it serves as a communication tool between branches and head office, as a back up office for database, helps to restore the data whenever is required at a branch.

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