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Grow Online Sales Globally

Self-Service, Fully Configurable, Fast Time to Market

Manage My Dream offers the leading digital commerce platform that lets you sell online quickly. Our customers benefit from a rich set of features that let them transact at every customer touchpoint, introduce new business models such as subscriptions, and reach their target audience globally - all in one seamless solution with rapid setup and cloud scalability.

Fast and Easy Setup

Start Selling Your Product Online Immediately

Control Panel

Centralized control panel with role-based security. Context-sensitive help and self-service controls.


Integrate with existing applications as well as CRM, Finance and ERP systems.


Easily customize, localize and optimize your go-to-market strategies.

Self-Service Controls

Employ setup wizards, templates, and other accelerators to get started rapidly.

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Manage Multiple Touchpoints

Build online shops, in-application buying, and marketplaces, branded and localized at all touch points.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Manage your online store, from importing products and generating buy links to setting up promotional campaigns or managing affiliates.

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Optimize Purchase Flows 

Customize your branded buying experience and checkout processes to optimize conversion rates.

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Focus on Your Business, Not on Payments 

Leverage a Single Business Gateway for Global Payments

In more than 30 languages and 130 currencies

In more than 45 payment methods

Reporting & Analytics

Accelerate Business Insight

Financial Reports

  • Account Balance

  • Chargebacks

  • Monthly Orders

  • Revenue Split

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue

Events Reports

  • Top Affiliates

  • Affiliate Sales

  • Top Partners

  • Renewal Forecast

  • Renewals and Expirations

  • Countries

Marketing Reports

  • Orders Statistics

  • Product Options

  • Campaigns Overview

  • Cross-selling

  • Up-selling

  • Top Promotions

  • Sales Source

Financial & Business Operations

Scale Your Business, Not Your Internal Infrastructure

Manage My Dream eCommerce Manager handles the financial aspects of customer transactions, providing you with all of the proceeds without any of the hassle, cost or risk. Manage My Dream streamlines payments for every sale, automatically generating a customer invoice and reconciling the purchase with your financial/ERP application. In the event of a dispute, we'll handle the refund or fight the chargeback for you as well as make sure disbursements are made and sales records are updated. We even speak your customers' languages and provide 24-7 phone and web support to answer any questions shoppers may have about their payments.

Refund and Chargeback Management

Automated Reconciliation

International Shopper Support

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