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Umber & Co.

We’re never one and done, and always keep tabs with all our clients. This was one of our first ones, and continues to be among the company’s top clients to this day. They were a small and new company, and we advised them on their early financial decisions.


This client approached us for a consultation on how to successfully transition from being a small, local business to a larger regional one. Learn all about them and how they’re making huge strides in the industry since they hired us to help out.



After several years in the industry, they came to us and asked for our help in transitioning their business into a new market. Read all about our success with this project, and learn about another client who benefited from deciding to use our services.


For years, we’ve helped clients on financially complex matters. After just a few meetings, this client was able to get back on track and they continue to reap the positive impact of our work. You are one phone call away from becoming another success story.


This client approached our company with a very intricate issue. In no time at all, we helped them achieve terrific results. With every issue we encounter, we go deep and investigate in order to successfully get to the root of your company’s financial issues.


This particular client came across a seemingly insurmountable obstacle and didn’t know who to turn to for help. After taking advantage of our company’s comprehensive financial consulting services, they managed to get back in track in no time at all.

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